IELTS Speaking

IELTS Speaking

Speaking test pattern and tips to score 8 band in IELTS

This segment on preparation for IELTS Coaching Bangalore for Speaking will focus on the four components of the IELTS Coaching Bangalore for Speaking test, namely – Listening, Reading, Speaking & Writing and brief about the pattern of each of these four components. The Listening, Reading and Writing tests are conducted on the same day while the Speaking test can be taken up to seven days after or before the other three tests. The order in which these tests are conducted is listening, reading and finally writing. There is no break between these three tests.

The following segment highlights various aspects of a IELTS Coaching for Speaking Test.


The speaking section is accomplished as a one-to-one interview with an examiner. The examiner examines the candidate while he or she is speaking. Moreover, the speaking section is recorded for supervising and for re-evaluation if the candidate decides to plead against the bands he scored.


The Speaking Test takes 10 to 14 minutes to be conducted.


The speaking test is similar for both Academic and General Training IELTS. There are 3 speaking tasks to be completed by the candidate in both IELTS Academic as well as General Training.

Task 1 – Introduction and Interview (4 to 5 minutes)

IELTS Coaching BangaloreThe examiner shall introduce himself / herself and ask for the candidate’s introduction. The examiner will also confirm the candidate’s identity. Hence it is a necessity for the candidate to carry his / her identity proof at the time of speaking test. The examiner asks familiar questions on common topics from the candidate, for example, house, family members, profession, education and hobbies.

Task 2 – Lengthy talk by Candidate (3-4 minutes)

The examiner provides the candidate with a task card that contains a specific topic on which the candidate needs to speak non-stop. This can be treated as a sort of extempore where the candidate has to speak impromptu. However, the examiner will provide the candidate 1 minute to note down the specific points he / she would like to cover in their speech. The candidate is provided a pencil and paper to make notes. The candidate has to talk for 1 to 2 minutes on the topic. The examiner can ask the candidate additional one to two questions on that topic.

Task 3 – One to one discussion (4-5 minutes)

In the last task, the examiner asks additional questions which are related to the topic of Task 2. These questions provides an opportunity to the candidate to further discuss the conceptual issues and ideas with the examiner.


A broad range of candidate’s skills are tested in the Speaking test. In all the speaking tasks, a candidate is assessed for his or her

  1. Ability to converse his or her views and information on day to day topics and general experiences and conditions by answering a variety of queries
  2. Ability to converse and talk at length on a specific topic given to him / her using suitable language and organising the views and thoughts rationally
  3. Ability to articulate and validate his / her outlook and to examine, discuss and contemplate about issues


The candidate is assessed for his or her performance on each of the 2 tasks by recognised and certified IELTS examiners as per the IELTS Writing test assessment criteria (For Example, Lexical Resource, Fluency & Pronunciation, Task Achievement, Coherence and Cohesion, Grammatical Range and Precision). Scores are awarded in whole as well as half bands (For example, 7 & 7.5).

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