About Us

About Us

About IELTS training Institute Bangalore the genesis of our story dates back to the year 2013. In a time and date of IT boom, where languages were only a mere means for communication, our founder had already foreseen the gradual shift in the learning needs of the future generation. This motivated him to create an educational entity focused only on competitive exams for languages like IELTS, TOEFL etc., thus the brand Indian Institute of Foreign Languages came into existence and became one among the most trusted IELTS training Institute in Bangalore.

Each year the number of students graduating from across India has increased by leaps and bounds. More than 60% of these students opt to pursue their dream of higher education outside India. Most of the foreign universities require some proof for the English language proficiency of the student. IELTS training Institute Bangalore is one such proficiency exam and this exam requires a lot of pre-planning and preparation on the student’s part. Many IELTS training institute in Bangalore offer intensive as well as short duration courses to help students achieve the desired band score in IELTS mains.

IELTS training Institute BangaloreAmong the various IIELTS training institutes in Bangalore, what makes us stand out is our years of experience in coaching students from all walks of life. Our regular and customised IELTS training packages is being offered over weekdays and weekends. For those students who have difficulty in English pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary, we offer a Bridge course or a Basic English course.

We offer the flexibility in class timings and backup classes if required, which is not likely to be offered by ant other IELTS training institute in Bangalore. Our trainers have the required qualification, expertise and perseverance to help each student to achieve 100% result.

We currently have 3 different IELTS training institute in Bangalore located at Banashankari, Marathhalli and Jayanagar.

You can know more about the courses we offer on our website: http://iifls.com